Friday July 1, 2016

I did a very simple thing this week. I wrote down some of the project ideas that have been simmering in my head. Seeing them on paper, instantly made me take action, however small.  For instance, after seeing the amazing vegetable gardens and  fruiting trees in my neighborhood during my many walks with the kids, I wondered if I could organize a “yard to table” brunch for the residents.

Simply writing “yard to table” on my list, made me pick up the neighborhood directory and quickly send a brief email explaining the idea to a couple of people who I think can help. It took me about 5 minutes and for the rest of the afternoon, I found myself walking with extra pep in my step.  Like I had lost 5lbs.

Sometimes taking the next step is perhaps just as exciting as seeing something come to fruition.  By sending that email I technically made alive something that had only existed in my brains.  Now there was a real possibility for it to come true.  And even if it doesn’t then at least I’ll know that I tried before I cross it off the list.



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