June 1, 2016

Arjun woke up at 6:20am today.  Usually this isn’t a big deal especially now that he sleeps through the night. But this time, I was running on low sleep because I was up the night before thinking about my hometown of Ahmedabad (specifically what can be done about children who grow up in poverty there).  But one of the miracles of motherhood is that after 5 minutes you forget that lack of sleep is an issue. Asha woke up shortly after and after the usual morning stuff, we drove to school in time for muffin and orange breakfast.  I still wish they served better food.

Since Devang was home today we decided to restock the pantry and fridge and take a quick trip to Costco. After buying things that we needed and other things that we didn’t know we needed until we saw them, we returned home to Arjun already asleep in the carseat.  I carefully carried him to his crib, making sure not too squeeze him or kiss him too much, and then carried on with my to-do list which included two important things – 1) Finish the second coat of paint downstairs. 2) Clean the downstairs powder room.  I was happy that I got both done before he was up.

After being so productive already, I spent the rest of the day hanging out with Arjun. After picking up Asha we came home to Devang doing more sprucing up in the back deck.  It’s looking better and better every day!

For lunch I had random bits of leftover foods.  For dinner I ate chole and tortilla. For second dinner I ate sabudana khichadi and other random stuff that was already in the fridge.  I didn’t feel like cooking today.

After putting Arjun to sleep, I baked a banana bread with Asha since I had six very ripe bananas on hand.  I used the recipe in Cooks Illustrated but made the mistake of not reading through it first.  I definitely mixed up the directions about what to do with the bananas (some of them were to be sliced and layered).  Still, everything smells pretty decent so lets hope it tastes good as well.

I need to start with my portrait project.  Looking forward to hanging up all the art work on the newly painted walls.

Today’s biggest (and only) frustration involved my hair.  It’s so dry and frizzy that I just don’t know what to do with it.  I need a miracle.

Another good day bites the dust.


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